Maria Mclaughlin

I have been in practice as a massage therapist for 26 years and have thousands of hours of hands-on experience treating both acute and chronic conditions. I have studied many forms of massage and have developed my own style that provides a deep feeling of relaxation as well as a focus on any specific areas of concern that the client might have. My style is especially influenced by Shiatsu, Traeger, Thai Massage and Advanced Myofascial Release. I spent a number of years working with chiropractors and consequently developed a deep understanding of the effective treatment of acute musculoskeletal conditions. Through my massage work at the Nike Beaverton Campus, I further developed my understanding and skills in the prevention and treatment of athletic and sports related injuries.

I have practiced massage at The Alberta Street Acupuncture Clinic for 7 years. I find that working closely with practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine has expanded my knowledge and given me more skills for helping clients, such as cupping and gua sha, Traditional Chinese modalities.

The goal of my massage is to help clients feel proactive about their own health and to instill a feeling of integration between the mind and body.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me by phone: 971-645-0560.